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WiredTrust Moderators are Different

At WiredTrust, we understand that the lure of inexpensive offshore moderators is a strong one. Companies in India, the Philippines, and other third-world countries offer moderation services for low hourly rates and promise English fluency. While there are instances where offshore services are adequate, because the skill set and anticipated risks are lower, when real risk management is involved their weaknesses are apparent. And our clients, among the leading household online and offline trusted brands, agree.

WiredTrust recognizes that your moderators are the first line of defense of your brand. They must know how to spot the less apparent risks and dig a little further to ensure quality moderation. They must be vetted, trained, certified, on premises, using certified equipment with kill technologies, keystroke logging and oversight tools to allow for quality control by escalators and on site supervisors, security practices and technologies and confidentiality and data management policies that are enforced. They must also have immediate access to escalation staff, supervisors and the company's risk managers (when necessary). And for North American networks/users, must be familiar with colloquialisms, cultural norms and acceptable standards of behavior for North America.

Consider the following scenarios:

A user posts an image of two friends with a flag in the background. Will your moderator detect that the flag has a swastika on it? Will they understand its meaning in the United States or will they ignore it as a sign of good luck? What if the flag was of a striped rainbow of colors? Would every offshore moderator connect it with the gay, lesbian, bi and trans-sexual movement and be extra vigilant in detecting any threats made toward this user in the same posting?

A user violates the terms of service. Is this a pattern of abusive behavior? What is the level of abuse and what disciplinary process is appropriate? Is this unusual behavior that may point to an account takeover or impersonator?

WiredTrust's moderators are not just trained to separate good from potentially bad. They are highly educated (most college graduates), certified in the client's standards as well as Socially Safe best practice standards and COPPA and high-risk content legal compliance. They are trained to apply a higher level of judgment and how to address the unexpected. They are premium quality and can address Tier 1-3 moderation/escalation and if necessary, law enforcement liaison needs.

Many companies experienced in deploying offshore moderation banks understand the risk of expecting more from the Tier 1 moderators than they can deliver. That's why many deploy costly inhouse staff to handle escalations, quality assurance and other high-end risk-management roles. WiredTrust is designed to allow clients to move all their moderation, escalation and risk-management services to one place, avoiding the disconnect, wasted time and high cost of double teams. Arrangements can even be made to have WiredTrust's legal team address law enforcement liaison needs and exigent cases, as well as cases of sexual exploitation. And, Canada's privacy and data protection laws are clear, non-invasive and North-American-friendly.

When you compare WiredTrust's Socially Safe Certified moderators with run of the mill moderators, especially those off-shore, you will find that while we may cost more, we are more than worth it.

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What Our Clients are “Saying”

"WiredTrust is one of the most important leaders in the internet safety industry. We are proud to partner with them to help to educate kids and parents about this important topic."

- Dave Finnegan, Chief Information Bear
  Build-a-Bear Workshop Inc.

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