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Who We Are

WiredTrust was launched in 2006 in the face of a growing need for social media companies to show they were doing something about universal public concerns that systems were not as safe as they could be.

Parry Aftab grasped the challenge and launched WiredTrust as a response, a company able to work closely and confidentially on a commercial basis with any company wishing to make their processes and systems safer for their clients and staff.

As an internationally recognized expert in her field, Parry Aftab is able to use her global connections with experts at the highest level, governments and law enforcement agencies to pull together teams of consultants from various backgrounds and disciplines at short notice.

With a global reach and offices in Canada and New York, WiredTrust is well placed to meet your needs as a trusted advisor, business partner and expert in the field of social media risk management.


Managing Director

Parry Aftab was one of the first lawyers in the world to practice Internet law. Over the years, she has represented many of the leaders from the entertainment, Internet and consumer brand industries. Known for her ability to “think outside of the box,” she quickly became a leader in the emerging field of Internet law and policy and helped establish standards within the Internet industry.

While she is an expert in risk management issues across digital technologies for all demographics, most of her time is now devoted to issues and technologies impacting children and families online.

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Allan McCullough

General Manager and Child Sexual Exploitation Advisor

Allan is President of Canada’s non-profit Child Safety Research & Innovation Center and CEO of the video game developer Entertaining Knowledge Inc. He is also an expert in the field of child safety and street proofing of children.

Allan founded Child Safety Research and Innovation Center to work with his computer game company to blend the non-profit world of advocacy and safety with the engaging world of computer games. The partnership is designed to develop computer games to teach and reinforce safety skills, as well as measure vulnerabilities in children.

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What Our Clients are “Saying”

"WiredTrust is one of the most important leaders in the internet safety industry. We are proud to partner with them to help to educate kids and parents about this important topic."

- Dave Finnegan, Chief Information Bear
  Build-a-Bear Workshop Inc.

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Our Clients

WiredTrust represents the leading social networking, gaming, and family sites on the Internet as well as many sites designed especially for kids. Entertainment and digital media companies come to us when they encounter problems because they know we see solutions and work closely with them to create the safest sites possible.