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Parry Aftab was one of the first lawyers in the world to practice Internet law. Over the years, she has represented many of the leaders from the entertainment, Internet and consumer brand industries. Known for her ability to “think outside of the box,” she quickly became a leader in the emerging field of Internet law and policy and helped establish standards within the Internet industry. While she is an expert in risk management issues across digital technologies for all demographics, most of her time is now devoted to issues and technologies impacting children and families online. Dr. Aftab is an award-winning columnist for Information Week magazine, She is also a frequent expert resource for, and quoted by, most leading media outlets around the world. Parry Aftab is a sought-after public speaker and has authored several books. When Internet policy, best practices and safety is involved, hers is the first name mentioned. Her expertise in social and community networking risk management is in high demand and MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, Bebo and Piczo, among others, have turned to her for help.

About Parry

Parry Aftab is a mother of two adult children, resides in the NY metropolitan area and maintains a home with her husband in New Brunswick, Canada. She started out on Wall Street in 1984 as a corporate takeover lawyer. Dr. Aftab completed her undergraduate degree in less than two years, as Valedictorian, with her two young children in tow. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and received her juris doctorate degree from NYU School of Law. Her work with children online followed her appearance on CNN in 1997, while discussing cyber censorship. Shortly thereafter, confronted with evidence of child sexual exploitation online, she founded and continues to run the world’s largest cybersafety and help group, now known as WiredSafety.org. Dr. Aftab works closely with regulators and law enforcement, the technology, entertainment and Internet industries, educational institutions and governmental agencies, worldwide, while donating her time running the charity. Parry Aftab carefully screens all new clients and limits her practice to enable her to devote a substantial portion of her time to child protection.

Areas of Expertise

Parry Aftab is a legal and risk management expert in all aspects of Internet best practices, privacy, cybercrime prevention and abuse management. Her expertise extends to the traditional Internet industry, social and community networks, wireless and mobile technologies, cybermarketing and interactive gaming. Because she works directly with thousands of young people and families online and in person each month, Dr. Aftab can provide a unique perspective and guidance on the design of technologies and marketing practices to address their needs. Since 1994, when she first began advising the Internet industry on children’s and consumer issues, she has been called the “Kids Internet Lawyer.” Ten years later, with the rising popularity of social networks and interactive technologies, Parry Aftab was the first to develop and promote the adoption of best practices for the Web 2.0 industry. Unlike other experts, Dr. Aftab’s talents include her ability to blend practicality, safety and responsible business practices. She can also factor in societal, cultural and legal differences around the world. Those looking to build or protect their brands, globally, seek her advice first.

What Others are Saying About Parry

Parry Aftab was identified as “the leading expert in cybercrime in the United States,” by the Boston Herald. Her “sound, balanced approach to children’s online safety” was praised by the national Center for Missing and Exploited Children. She “understands what parents need and want to know,” according to Stoyan Ganev, President of the UNGeneral Assembly, 87th session and Vinton Cerf, the “father of the Internet” calls Dr. Aftab “the quintessential, responsible Internaut.” She has received numerous awards, including the Child Abuse Prevention Services Leadership Award and the 11998 President’s Service Award from the White House. The US Congress formally honored her work in cybersafety in 2005 and in 1999 UNESCO appointed her to head up its online child protection project for the United States. Parry Aftab was recently appointed to the MySpace Attorney General Internet Safety Technology Task Force in the United States. Attorney General Blumenthal (Connecticut) stated that the twenty person task force is a “Who’s Who” of the Internet.

What Our Clients are “Saying”

"WiredTrust is one of the most important leaders in the internet safety industry. We are proud to partner with them to help to educate kids and parents about this important topic."

- Dave Finnegan, Chief Information Bear
  Build-a-Bear Workshop Inc.

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